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What is the Best Deal for Costco TV?

Costco TVCostco TV

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Costco is rated as the third largest Wholesaler and retailer in the world as of July 2009. With a billion of sales, they are one of the most reliable sources of goods especially on electronics like TV sets. They are now also catering services through online and more consumers come to their site due to their high reliability rate. Let’s check out the Costco TV deals they have rightnow.

This TV uses the LCD technology and has followed the standards of “Energy Star” soyou can save energy. The TV includes 2 HDMI inputs, 1 USB port, PC inputs, ComponentVideo and Audio input.

  • Hannspree 32 inches LCD Widescreen HDTV – For the families wanting to have a cheap HDTV for their favorite movies and TV shows, this one got the best Costco TV deal. Hannspree HDTV dropped their price and now it’s on sale with $50 off. Its new selling price is $299.99 so it’s a steal for everyone who needs to have HD experience butlacks much on the budget.

For the specs and features, although it’s not that popular, this already carries the features that most expensive brands have. The screen is 32 inches which is perfect forthe whole family, has a resolution of 1080p for that High Definition experience on videocontents. It has excellent contrast of 10,000:1 which creates a crisper image quality.The brightness is 500cd/m2. AS for the ports and outputs, it has USB port, and 4 HDMIinputs.

  • VIZIO 32 inches LCD HDTV – Vizio is always known to be high in quality when it comesto performance, display and value. Costco TV has made VIZIO a lot cheaper nowthat they drop the price into $349.99 which makes you save $60. What makes this HDTV from Vizio more advantageous is that it’s packed with high end features.

For the specs and features, its 32 inches screen has high resolution of 1080p. It usesthe LCD technology for that energy saving capabilities. It comes with the 3D featuresalong with 3D glasses, internet browsing (Wi-Fi) and applications which will allow you to
stream online videos and music in YouTube, Vudu, Netflix, Facebook, Twitter and more.All in all it has 2 HDMI inputs, USB port, Composite video input, Stereo Output, andmore.

  • VIORE 40” Class 1080p LCD HDTV – For that High definition Wide Screen Experience,this VIORE with 40 inches display screen has now dropped its price with $50 so now ithas the selling price of $399.99. For the protection of buyers, Costco TV offers it with 2 years warranty.The VIORE LCD HDTV has the capacity to deliver highly detailed images with its 1920x 1080 pixels resolution. The frame refresh rate is standard 60Hz and the TV can beviewed on 178 degrees angle with no problems or rainbow effect. Overall, it has 3HDMI inputs, one for Composite Video, Digital audio output, VGA, Mini Stereo Jack, S-Video, Composite Video and F Connector.

The Costco TV still has a lot of great deals when it comes to HDTVs as the demands of itare increasing nowadays. Costco television has dropped the prices of top selling brands of HDTVs like the Panasonic, VIZIO, Hannspree, Samsung, SONY Bravia and Magnavox.So while they are still on sale, it’s the perfect time for you to grab the opportunity inbuying the Television you’ve always wanted.


For more information on Costco TV check out our Home Page.